PMRLA - Chiclayo Airport

Chiclayo Airside Rehabilitation and Improvement Plan.

Project Objectives

To improve airside pavements in order to guarantee the efficiency and safety of aeronautical operations at the Chiclayo Airport.


  • Reconstruction of the Runway with concrete (rigid pavement)
  • Reconstruction of Taxiways.
  • Reconstruction of Apron
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of the Drainage System
  • Improvement of Airside security zones.
  • Airport lighting aid system
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of perimeter fence and perimeter road for security control 
  • Environmental management plan.
  • Relocation of Peruvian Airforce .... 
  • Temporary works to maintain continuity of operations


$ 48,898,791


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    Technical Dossier
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  • Technical dossier approved. The bidding terms for the selection of a construction contractor are being reviewed for later approval by the bidding committee.

Citizen Participation Event

Environmental Impact Statement for the Project "Improvement of the Runway System and Perimeter Fence of the Capitán FAP José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzáles de Chiclayo International Airport"

The activities corresponding to this Project, currently in the construction process, are being carried out inside the Capitán FAP José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzáles de Chiclayo International Airport. According to the aforementioned, a Virtual Survey is presented in the corresponding links so that the population and / or other social interest groups participate in the current process of citizen participation corresponding to the Project:

General Survey:

AID Authorities Interview - Internal Tenants: