To the north of the city of Cajamarca, in the district of Baños del Inca, province of Cajamarca.

To talk about Cajamarca is to emphasize its rich history, beautiful landscapes, historic monuments and colonial doorways. Located in the valley of the Mashcón River in the western slope of the Andes, Cajamarca is known for its colorful carnivals and beautiful countryside, spotted with cattle. With a population of 388,140 inhabitants, this city is considered one of the largest in the northern highlands of Peru, and is undergoing a period of economic growth fostered by the development of gold mining, agriculture,cattle and tourism. Its streets feature two-storey houses and gabled roofs, which make you keep walking towards the Cathedral of Cajamarca, one of Peru’s most outstanding samples of baroque; and the Church of San Francisco, built with hewn stone. Setting out for the trails of Cajamarca, on the other hand, once more sparks the fire within curious travelers in their strive to reach their next stop at the Windows of Otuzco and the archaeological complex of Cumbemayo, attractions worth seeing.