2 Km east of the city of Chiclayo, in the district and province of Chiclayo.

Capital de la región de Lambayeque, Chiclayo es una de las principales ciudades de la costa norte peruana. The capital of the region of Lambayeque, Chiclayo is one of the main cities in the northern coast of Peru. On the shores of the Pacific Ocean it is joined by Pimentel, a lively port and seaside resort where vacationers enjoy long evenings. Bathed by the Reque River and flanked by the fertile valleys of Zaña and Lambayeque, the city’s main economic activities are agribusiness, where rice and sugarcane predominate, and also trade. It has a population of 857,405 inhabitants who often highlight its festive character and its unique cuisine. The famous Moche tombs of Sipan, the Chotuna archaeological complex and pyramids of Tucume are just some of the attractions of this historical city which shows the development of many pre-Hispanic cultures.


  • Runway 19-01: 2,500m x 45m
  • Apron: 270m x 70m
  • Aircraft Parking Positions: 2 C-Class aircraft
  • Parking Lot: 93 spaces
  • VIP Lounge