5 km to the east of the city of Piura, in the district of Castilla. Talara: Located at Tablazo on the former La Brea y Pariñas hacienda in the district of Pariñas.

To talk of the region of Piura is to think of sunny coves, the flight of migratory birds, vast and fertile fields and a unique craftsmanship. The capital of the department of the same name, it is located in the valley of the Piura River, at the northern end of the Sechura desert. Its population reaches 765,601 inhabitants and people are known for their  warmth and hospitability. Agriculture plays an important role in this  region. Pyma cotton crops are outstanding due to the high demand of this cotton in the international market. There is also rice and fruits such as lime and mango. Thanks to the ports of Paita and  Bayóvar, fishery in the department of Piura is one of the most important of the country,  with several coves and towns engaged in fishing. The region is also known for its mining and oil industries. A walk through the Main Square or patios in the Casa Eguiguren is a good way to start your tour of the city. While the beach resort in Colan is known for having the most colorful coastal sunsets; Catacaos, “the Indian heart of Piura” is home of  bellied jars and wooden carvings. Chulucanas is famous for its handicrafts and clay objects.


  • Runway 01-19: 2,500m x 45m
  • Apron: 140m x 80m
  • Aircraft Parking Positions: 2 C-Class aircraft
  • Parking Lot: 118 spaces
  • VIP Lounge