To the west of the city of Trujillo, in the district of Huanchaco, province of Tujillo.

It is said that Trujillo is the land of eternal spring, hometown of the Peruvian writer César Vallejo and of the Marinera folk dance. The capital of the department of La Libertad, it is located on the fertile valley of the Moche River and has a population of 957,010 inhabitants. The young generations are very knowledgeable about its past. This is because Trujillo was at the core of the development of the Mochica Culture, one of the most important of ancient Peru. It is one of the richest tourist destinations where you can visit the archaeological site of Chan Chan, the “Huaca del Sol” and “Huaca de la Luna”, as well as the complex of El Brujo where the tattooed mummy Lady of Cao was found. Besides tourism, it is a strategic point for agricultural trade as it is surrounded by productive areas (sugarcane has a dominant role), and it is also of importance to the mining activities taking place in the highlands of the region. Taking a detour towards the beaches of Huanchaco to watch the “Caballitos de Totora” - vessels made with reeds- set sail, or to wander along the old and picturesque boardwalk of Puerto Chicama, will only confirm what this wonderful destination has to offer.


  • Runway 02-20: 3,000m x 45m
  • Apron: 180m x 105m
  • Aircraft Parking Positions: 1 A-Class aircraft, 3 C-Class aircraft, 1 D-Class aircraft
  • Parking Lot: 128 spaces
  • VIP Lounge